Top 10 “Pure Garnachas” from Spain


Grenache appears to have originated in Spain, most likely in the northern province of Aragon, and ampelographers believe that Grenache was the based of Aragon’s excellent vin rouge du pays. From Aragon, it spread throughout the vineyards of Spain and the Mediterranean along with the reach of the kingdom of Aragon. Back in the 80’s garnacha vast vineyards were desolated, there was a period of dormancy but recently the precious grape has given power and prestige to reconquer “the Crown of Opulence”.

Grenache- Garnacha is undaubtfully the second best red grape from Spain. Responsible for some of the most delicious and expensive wine of Spain from newly exalted regions like Campo de Borja, Madrid and Mentrida to cult Priorat & Monsant wine country, Grenache is just as important in the Spanish wine world as Tempranillo. The noble grape’s profile includes weak colour, soft tannins, and high alcohol content. Red wines made 100% from old grenache varietal commonly smelt of sweet mulberries, black cherries, violet petals, liquid chocolate, and plums liqueur with a peculiar touch of cinammon.

  1. Espectacle. Espectacle Vins. D.O Monsant
  2. Alto Moncayo. Bodegas Alto Moncayo. D.O Campo de Borja
  3. Les Manyes. Terroir al Limit. D.O.Ca Priorat
  4. El Reventón. Daniel Landi Viticultor. VT Castilla y Leon
  5. Rumbo al Norte. Bodegas Comando G. D.O Madrid
  6. Cantos del Diablo. Daniel Landi Viticultor. D.O Mentrida
  7.  Aquilon.  Bodegas Alto Moncayo. D.O Campo de Borja
  8. Mancuso. Vinedos de Mancuso. VT Valdejalon
  9. Ataulfos.  Daniel Landi Viticultor. D.O Mentrida
  10. Las Umbrías. Bodegas Comando G. D.O Madrid

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