Our Restaurant

We pride ourselves on giving superlative service and on offering guests exquisite dishes, in both traditional and modern styles, with the emphasis firmly on flavour. Our team’s mission is to combine all of the extraordinary skills, produce and equipment at our disposal, to ensure that patrons discover and enjoy the finest flavours on offer anywhere in Marbella.

Our premises, which incorporate both a stylish outdoor terrace and elegant indoor dining room, can comfortably seat more than one hundred guests and we can accommodate any size of party, be it large or small. The spacious terrace is equipped with advanced heating and cooling technology, to ensure absolute comfort for diners all year round.

Last but not least is our bodega, with a choice of over 5,500 wines available our Sommelier is sure to find the perfect match for your choice of dish at a budget suitable to you. And uniquely, all our wines are served in our restaurant at the shop sales price!